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PLUTUS ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES Inc. is a company duly incorporated under the law of Delaware and located in Knoxville, Tennessee. USA

PLUTUS ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES Inc is the Inventor and the Producer of all PLUTUS products. Including the products listed below:

PLUTUS Products are marketed on every continent in the world only through our worldwide network of Authorized Distributors. 

PLUTUS INT has the rights to give exclusivity and a letter of Authorization to agents (Distributors or/JV) in the territories according to the conditions and the trams that will be confirmed by PLUTUS.
Plutus© has chosen to be on the forefront of the development of new technologies, primarily environmental-based ones, both through research and development of new ideas and processes, and by "rethinking" the old ones. They are an innovator with a history of firsts in the environmental chemical marketplace, Plutus© develops non-flammable, non-hazardous and biodegradable products that enhance the productivity of our clients in the environmental remediation, petroleum, marine and manufacturing industrial sectors.
Our product line reflects our commitment to solving the everyday problems associated with hydrocarbons in our communities. Our products quickly solve the problem instead of camouflaging it or passing it on to someone else and they bring new features and technology to the current market not available in any other company's process or application. Plutus© constantly works to develop new, innovative products and solutions for the environmental hazards that plague our global industrial sectors that are cost-effective, easy to use, and provide immediate positive results for our clients.
Our Mission is to guarantee and ensure that our Client obtains the highest grade of product and technical service possible.
 Our Goal is to enable sound and responsible environmental practices by industry, resulting in the protection and sustainability of our planets ecological assets through the development and advancement of biologically friendly technology.